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Our vision is to be the preferred provider of professional accounting, payroll and taxation services.

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Wow! Highly recommended! We are sooo happy with the amazing service we received! They go the extra mile, are highly professional and really go out of their way to assist you and answer your questions! The work they’ve put in is enormous and outstanding! THANX Tax Shop Alberton, it is an enormous pleasure to do business with you! – Facebook

Hanri Steyl

Owner, Lady Secreto

Very happy with the service received from the Tax Shop Alberton, always willing to help and they go the extra mile. Would recommend them to anyone who needs accounting or tax work done. – Google Maps

Kyle Hardford

Amazing service, highly recommend using The Tax Shop Alberton for your accounting services. Now I can focus on the tasks I need to complete and leave my books in their hands.
Emily and Luke are friendly and always willing to go the extra mile.
Thank you!

Nicolene Cloeter

Mother's Nurture

Luke and Dave at the “Tax Shop Alberton” is super helpful and I trust them with my books, so should you! – Facebook

Gideon Pieters

Alligator Plumber

The Tax Shop Alberton has been extremely helpful with handling my company and personal affairs. They take the time to explain things to me which is something not many people do and are always trying to improve. You can see they take pride in their work as it shows. – Google Maps

John Lewis

The Tax Shop? Absolute game-changer! I mean, who knew that diving into the maze of company secretarial and tax services could be… well, bearable? But with these folks on my team, I not only managed to set up two businesses through them, but I also got a grip on the wild world of CIPC, SARS, and UIF compliance. They made what could’ve been a headache into a breezy experience.

Now, let’s chat about their prices. Straight-up, it’s a steal. No more late-night worries about penalties or wallet-draining disputes. They’ve got all that covered, and the peace of mind? Golden.

And oh! I threw some pretty wild curveball questions their way. We’re talking those “I’ve-got-a-friend-who-knows-a-guy-who-said-this-might-be-impossible” kind of scenarios. But every time, they rolled up their sleeves, did their homework, and came back with the answers. The detailed feedback was on point and helped me navigate through the complexities with ease.

I have referred an number of people who have jumped on The Tax Shop bandwagon ’cause of my recommendation, and guess what? All smiles and thumbs up. If you’re looking for a team that’s got your back, knows their stuff, and doesn’t throw around jargon like confetti, The Tax Shop’s your best bet. Keep rockin’ it, guys!

Kyle Smith

Director, Growth Nexus

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